Senit - Cleansing toner

Senit - Cleansing toner

As a result of outdated information, toners have become a confusing category of skin-care products. Because of misperceptions, many fashion magazines, and even cosmetics salespeople advise against using a toner, or simply dismiss toners as an optional step. That is disappointing, because a well-formulated toner can provide truly amazing benefits for your skin.

Once you understand how toners work, and know what ingredients are included in some toners that can be bad for your skin and what ingredients are essential for achieving a healthy, radiant glow, you'll find that applying a toner can be the perfect addition to your skin-care routine!

Toning is essential for removing the dirt, make-up and oil that cleansers fail to remove. Some people take this step as optional. But people with oily skin and combination skin can greatly benefit from toning. Because it acts as an extra step to eliminate oil, it also lessens the chances for pore blockage.

Active natural ingredients

Aloe vera


Most people associate aloe vera benefits with healing sunburns, but did you know that aloe also contains bacteria-fighting, soothing ingredients that fight redness and itching? For hundreds of years aloe has been used for skin care.



Ginseng is a great toner and facial freshener. Not only does it improve collagen formation but also helps reduce black spots on the face. You can prepare your own ginseng mask by mixing ginseng oil with other ingredients.



Lavender tones and makes your skin firm as it boosts circulation, thus resulting in an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. This helps in keeping the cells healthy and boosting their renewal process.

Natural skin care

Clearing toner

  • he Exposed Clearing Tonic penetrates pores to control blackheads and whiteheads while returning your skin to its natural balance.
  • Rejuvenate your problem skin with essential extracts and prepares your skin
  • The clearing tonic is naturally powered with Ginseng, Aloe, Lavender Oil.
  • Reveal a radiant complexion with enhanced clarity
  • Multi-antioxidant protection from pro-vitamins A, C and E

The perfect way to start each day

Renew your skin, spirit and senses, revealing a healthy, radiant complexion, with enhanced clarity, smoothness and firmness. This powerful moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging tonic contains a triple blend of polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) and a marine botanical to moisturize and condition skin. Eucalyptus and cucumber refine and stimulate, while green tea extract helps to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and harmful environmental factors. Alcohol-free.

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This skin balancing face toner has natural and organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals, alcohol, sulfates, parabens, or artificial fragrances, colors, or dyes. Safe for all skin types. This refreshing spray hydrates, shrinks pores, and balances your skin's pH levels without drying out your skin. Start off your skin care regimen with a powerful base layer. This toner perfectly preps skin and increases the absorption of serums and moisturizers.


  • Aloe Vera
  • Ginseng
  • Lavender Oil
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Rose Geranium Oil


Apply small amount on hands and pat into face and throat, or apply on moist cotton and wipe in brisk upward motions.